TIP: Drop Some Body Fat Without Worrying About The Scale – The Power of Protein

TIP: Drop Some Body Fat Without Worrying About The Scale – The Power of Protein

I think we can all attest to the fact that it is nice when we can get some benefit from a simple health-seeking habit without giving it a lot of thought. It can be especially helpful when our goal is fat loss and we would rather not think about counting calories or worrying so much about the scale.

Research has shown that the simple act of increasing protein intake from 15% of your daily calorie intake to 30% has a remarkable effect! They’ve found that in this instance, people spontaneously eat fewer overall calories without consciously making any other adjustments resulting in weight loss. Another possible effect is that higher protein intake can improve leptin sensitivity. Leptin is the “satiety” hormone that helps regulate our appetite. When our body is more sensitive to this hormone, our appetite is better controlled which means we have less drive and urge to seek out food.

How can we get more protein in our diets? The best way is to be mindful of eating protein at every meal. Make protein the priority when it comes to planning meals and making selections when dining out. Consider protein first and then look at supplementing the meal with side dishes. Further, looking for protein rich snacks rather than carb-laden snacks can help with this as well. Protein shakes, beef jerky, Greek yogurt, cottage cheese, and many other items can make an excellent supplement to your daily food intake.

Whenever we can find ways to control our appetite and calorie intake without a lot of extra thought, it frees us up to find more enjoyment around food. This should be a goal for all of us!