One Consequence of Eating Intuitively

One consequence of practicing Intuitive Eating is that you might stopping eating certain foods, not because of “food rules” but because you realize that you never really liked them all that much.

This is something I’ve see with clients (adults, kids, and teens) and in my own life.

I recall a 12-year-old client who, when given chocolate for Easter or another holiday, would proceed to devour all of it in one sitting or at least a very short period of time. After working together and applying various principles including honoring hunger, feeling fullness, and tuning into satisfaction, he realized he actually doesn’t really like chocolate all that much. It’s a’ight. Easter came rolling around, he got the typical bounty of chocolate, it sat in the kitchen for a while and he ended up throwing most of it out, not because it’s “unhealthy” or because his mom or coach told him to, but because he wasn’t really into it after connecting with his body’s cues.

Similarly, I personally recognized that I don’t really care for dark chocolate (milk chocolate on the other hand is another story). Prior to that, it didn’t matter if it was dark chocolate or some other candy. If it was put in front of me, I’d eat it until it was gone. Last time we had some dark chocolate around, I ate a few pieces but ended up tossing most of it.

When you honor your hunger, consider satisfaction, and also recognize and honor how different foods make YOUR body feel, you might find yourself eliminating (totally fine for this reason), reducing intake, or even increasing intake of different foods.

So, the reason, the intent behind eliminating or reducing intake of certain foods matters.

Consider how things go when our intent is shrinking our body, “health”, “being good”, or some other reason not related to our enjoyment of the food or how it makes us feel.

Guilt? Shame? Frustration with ourselves for eating too much? Feeling out of control around it? Feelings of addiction?

Those are not helpful responses and if we attempt to eliminate foods for these reasons, it seems to inevitably backfire and rarely has the outcome we desired in the first place.