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Available June 2020!

Course Syllabus

The course is available in two versions, one for those ages 8-11 and one aimed at those in the 12-17 range. The focus of the course is core nutrition concepts to help them understand how it plays a role in our overall health, social lives, fueling our bodies for various activities, and the development of a positive body image. Each lesson’s hands-on activity is designed to reinforce the concepts they learn such as meal planning, shopping, habits, etc.
IMPORTANT NOTE: This course does not encourage students to evaluate their bodies based on weight, shape, or size. We do not address weight loss. The focus is on knowledge, health-promoting behaviors, and a positive attitude toward and relationship with food.
Health is much more than simply the absence of disease consisting of multiple facets, each of which has a powerful impact on the others. This lesson covers these facets and the impact they each have on our overall health and wellbeing.
This lesson provides an overview of metabolism and the energy system of the body. Rather than diving deep into the vast complexities, students gain a fundamental understanding of the concepts that apply to everyday life.
This overview of the digestive system helps students understand how the food we consume nourishes and becomes fuel for our bodies.
Students will learn how hormones play a special role in various key functions of the body including storage of energy, appetite control, and mood.
In this key lesson, students learn how the food we consume and the energy we expend impact the growth, performance, and overall health of our bodies.
This lesson addresses the importance of adequate protein intake, how much, and how often should we be eating it. Students also begin to learn what foods are good sources of protein and how to include them in their diet.
This lesson covers the importance of dietary fat for overall health. Students also continue on from the previous lesson to look at a variety of foods that contain healthy, good quality fats.
This lesson helps students understand the importance and function of carbohydrates to fuel our brains and physical activity. Due to the often controversial nature of this topic in society today, parents can be assured that the course takes a very balanced approach when it comes to the topic of carbohydrates.
This lesson covers the importance of the little details of the food we eat and the important role it plays in the overall health of our bodies. Students also continue to look into a variety of foods and learn where they can find the most nutrient-dense sources of nutrition.
This lesson addresses the importance of hydration and how to stay properly hydrated depending on their level of physical activity, environmental temperature, etc.
This lesson addresses the importance of being physically active and various ways they can incorporate activity and exercise into their lives to set them up for a lifetime of health and enjoyment. The focus is on exercise for enjoyment and the practical benefits to staying physically active.
This important lesson helps students understand that food is much more than fuel for our bodies. Students will understand the important role it plays with regard to health but also its powerful role in our social and emotional lives.
This lesson addresses the important question, “What is the optimal or ideal diet for human health?” Students will understand key components that form a solid, healthy diet while at the same time understanding that there is no one size fits all approach. This lesson helps them understand that the ideal diet is one to which they can adhere, enjoy, and that fits within the context of their goals, lifestyle, preferences, and family dynamic.
This lesson helps students to become conscious and mindful of the food we eat without demonizing certain foods, missing out on important nutrition, or negatively impacting our overall health. Topics including moderation, “junk” foods, and food quantity will be addressed.
This lesson helps students understand the key habits and healthy behaviors we can begin to implement that will set us up for long term success going into adulthood.
The goal of this lesson is to summarize the course while helping students to understand how to apply what they’ve learned in developing a positive body image.

Available June 2020!

Your Course Creator

As a former homeschooling parent of two daughters, certified nutritionist, and personal trainer, Jeff has a deep passion for learning, applying that knowledge, and educating others. His dedication to providing the best, most up-to-date, relevant, and evidence-based information is the driving force behind the Equipped to Thrive™ curriculum.

Jeff Ash - Nutritionist & personal trainer

Each family member may learn at their own pace, appropriate for their level of understanding, in the environment that most appropriately suits their learning style!

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