Hey, men! Intuitive Eating is NOT Just for Women!

When it comes to Intuitive Eating, women tend to be the most prominent voices. The same is true for child and adolescent feeding (another passion of mine). I work with some amazing women clients.

That’s completely understandable because traditionally, women tend to be a bit more open to the kind of work involved in working through the principles of Intuitive Eating. I’m not stereotyping here, just making an observation.

However, men (me being one of them) can benefit tremendously from taking this very different approach to nutrition, physical activity, and the pursuit of health than what is typically promoted by the media and our friends/family (i.e. restrictive diets, focus on weight loss, etc.).

Men struggle with their relationship with food and body image just like women. We’re just not always as willing to be open about those struggles. However, it’s just as important for us men to deal with these issues if we find ourselves struggling in this area.

Are you a man or do you know a man who could really benefit from doing some work in this area? Maybe you’re a couple and looking for a way to improve not only your own relationship with food but also pass that along to your kids? Please reach out! I always provide 100% free initial 60-minute consultations to see if I might be a good fit to partner with you. Nothing to lose and so much to potentially gain!

Also, keep an eye out for some exciting things coming from me next year in this space!