Full vs. Satisfied

Being full after a meal is not the same as being satisfied.

Satisfaction is completely different than being full after a meal or snack.

We can be full without being satisfied with a meal.

It’s not that every meal or snack needs to be a perfect mix of flavors and textures that touches our soul and leaves us feeling completely content and satisfied.

However, there is a very good reason that Intuitive Eating includes a specific principle for honoring your hunger, feeling your fullness, AND discovering the satisfaction factor.

As with so many things in life, when we don’t have some level of satisfaction, we are more likely to continue looking for that satisfaction, often in unhealthy or even harmful ways.

Think about relationships. How many times have we seen marriages break up because of infidelity where the couple drifted apart and one or both began looking for the satisfaction missing from their relationship in the arms of someone else?

Think about the workplace. People leave jobs all the time because they are not satisfied with the environment, people, work, pay, etc.

It happens with our eating as well.

When we don’t prioritize (again, not perfect, not 100% of the time) satisfaction with our meals, we are much more prone to continue to seek that satisfaction one way or another and it can easily result in binges or other problematic eating habits/behaviors.

Often, a few simple things can add a huge dose of satisfaction:

  • Sit down to eat without distraction
  • Add some ambience
  • Slow down and savor the flavors and textures
  • Eat with others
  • Use sauces and have dessert
  • Ask yourself before choosing something to prepare or eat if it is actually going to satisfy you

I could think of a lot more. But, you get the idea. Also, some of these things can help you better tune in to your hunger and satiety cues so that you not only leave more satisfied but eat the amount that is right for you and what your body needs.